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  • Fun Printables
    Check out these fun printables from JClub. It's a great way to express your creativity. Try doing these printables with your friends and your siblings. Working together is a great way to build awesome friendships.
  • Friendships are super important, and best friends are there for you whenever you need them. As you complete this art, ask the Holy Spirit to remind you of who Jesus is. Then ask for the gift of having confidence and faith in Jesus. He's real and wants to be your friend. You can do your part to build an awesome friendship. Just talk to him often!
  • BE Attitudes
    Here's a great attitude to practice. God wants you to be deeply joyful because you are a child of God. He created you so that you could live a totally full and wonderful life here on earth and finally in heaven. Humility is like the secret of "the Pros." All the saints tell us that every virtue starts with humility. Awesome!



Jesus is My Best Friend

3rd Beatitude                   

Mary Says Yes to God

Saints Peter and Paul  


Sacrament of Reconciliation

Sacrament of Confirmation

Sign of the Cross 1

Sign of the Cross 2